Friday, January 20, 2012

Whales Inspire Conscious Changes at the Cafe

Aloha Kona & Abroad!

This week brought many Hawaiians and those traveling something thats truly a winter special - humpback whales! Better known to Hawaiians as "kohola", North Pacific humpback whales start their annual fall migration in Alaska with some traveling to Mexico, Japan, & almost sixty percent traversing the great pacific toward sunny and warm Hawaii. At a one-way distance of 3,500 miles, thier journey takes about four to eight weeks. These whales are considered by Hawaiians to be an "amakua", or family guardian, and their arrival is considered sacred and special. Many kohola are born in the warm winter hawaiian waters, and because of this they're considered "kama'aina"or native born Hawaiian. Considering these births and the majestic male whale calls, the kohola bring a flood of renewed and transformative energy to the islands - perfectly inspiring for our the new year transition!

Photo courtesy of Animal Planet

One of the greatest sights this migration brings is whale breeching. From our homes, lanais, boats, and even along the coast; islanders can watch young whales learn to breach with their mothers. This is an amazing natural wonder, especially watching youngsters breech five, six, seven, or even eight times in a row.

Here at the Cafe we're taking inspiration from the kohola, by transforming and reinventing some of our menu. With 2012 bringing so much positive change, we're taking a more conscious approach to food. The Buzz is now featuring Organic Mixed Greens in our freshly Enlightened Wraps and Salads!

We'd also like to introduce our new and improved Tropical Smoothie. This light and delectable favorite now has a boost of Vitamin C and Potassium, provided by our own mix of Organic Strawberry-Banana and Pineapple juice. The result is much more refreshing than our old recipe, not to mention it's much more sustaining with only natural sugar - no added sugar!

Both of these conscious changes to our menu offer healthy ways to nourish body, mind, and soul.

Let us know what conscious changes the new year and whale migration have inspired you to make in your life!

- Ali'i Buzz Cafe Staff

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